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    The One Hundred Names Of Sekhmet      

She Who Is Powerful - Eye of Ra. Goddess of divine retribution, vengeance, conquest and war.The Goddess Sekhmet is undoubtedly one of the most ancient Deities known to the human race. Daughter of Ra, but She is much older than.
She came into Egypt from a place unknown and unrecorded, and was known as "Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time," and "One Who Was Before the Gods Were."

Sekhmet Beloved All Powerful
Sekhmet, Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time,
  Sekhmet, Whose Essence is fire,Tempestuous, Forever.
 Blessed Be the Name of Sekhmet, Beloved Her Image!

Sekhmet is the triad goddess of Memphis with her husband Ptah, god of arts and crafts. Nefertum was their son and the third member of the triad. Ptah is the creative potter-god who shaped the world and heavens assisted by the seven wise worker-dwarfs of Khnemu. In the Memphis triad, Sekhmet and Ptah's son Nefer Tem is a god of healing--and a lotus-born one. The lotus from which Nefer Tem emerged became associated with him. Nefer Tem appears as a man wearing the lotus and two plumes on his head. Sometimes Nefer Tem is shown with a lion's head--so it is possible that the Healing Shield can also be of Nefer Tem. One story mentions that Nefer Tem brought Ra a sacred lotus to ease his suffering


Sekhmet is one of the oldest known forms of Netjer in Egyptian record. She the 'patron' of the Physicians, Physician-Priests and Healers. Because She is one of the most powerful of all the Gods of Netjer. Her name literally translated means "Mighty One", or "Powerful One". Her name is derived from the Egyptian word 'Sekhem', which means "power" or "might". The word Sekhem' is literally inseperable from Sekhmet and Her worship. Because of her power - she is often misunderstood and portrayed only in a negative way. This is probably because of legends of how Sekhmet, as the destructive Eye of Ra was sent forth to punish humanity for its mockery of Her Father, Ra. But the powerful aspect of Sekhmet is Her healing aspect, the other end of Her creation/destruction polarity. Many people only define Sekhmet in destructive terms. But many Sekhmet healers can attest: Sekhmet is an active force which can be called upon directly to impart Sekhem energy, so beneficial in the healing process. Along with the anhk, a Sekhmet is often depicted carrying a lotus wand, symbollic of growth.

You are the Terror In front of Which the Demons Tremble!
You are Desire! You are Life! That Which Burns Eternally!

The Goddess represents, and contains within Herself, that same powerful energy called Kundalini in the Tantric Tradition. Kundalini is the "coiled serpent" or "Shakti" of the individual. The word Shakti is itself a Hindu derivation from the name Sekhmet. In the human orgasm, Kundalini is the supreme force. There is a great deal of evidence that the Egyptians knew about chakras and the Kundalini Shakti long before they appeared in the traditions of India.

In Tibet she is known as Senge Dong-ma, lion-headed dakini, "Guardian of the Secret Tantric Teachings". She is called Simhavaktra, in India where she also has a male reflection in the lion-headed incarnation of Vishnu, Narasimha. Pure shakti, she is doubtless a close relative to lion-mounted Durga, "Keeper of the Flame". Indeed, another Egyptian title for Sekhmet is Nesert, the flame. In the ancient Near East she was called Anat, Ashtoreth and Astarte.

Sekhmet Listen to me oh I entreat you

Ram of Rekht, Dame of Pekhet, Dame Set,
Ram of Rehesaui, Dame of Tchar and Sehert!
Mother in the Horizon of the Sky,
In the Boat of the Million Years,
You are the Large Protective one!
You are That which exceeds Qetu!
Preserve to us disastrous room of the hearts of Hes-hra!
Deliver to us stay of the Demons!
O You who Is Sekhmet, Giver of life to the Gods,
Sekhmet, Lady of Flame,
Sekhmet, with the Powerful Magic,
Sekhmet, Éternel Is Your Name!
Sekhmet, A the head of Lioness,
Sekhmet, Whose Color is Rouge,
Sekhmet, Girl of Ra,
Sekhmet, Wife of Ptah,
Sekhmet, Puissant is Your Name!
Sekhmet Who, Listens maintaining me!
Sekhmet, Goddess of the Plague,
Sekhmet, Warlike Goddess,
Sekhmet, Queen of the Gastes Grounds,
Sekhmet, Eternal is Your Name!
O, Come to me! Sekhmet, Destroying of Rebellions,
Sekhmet, Brilliant Eye of Ra,
Sekhmet, Protective, Directing,
Sekhmet, Saint is Your Name!
O, Reveals you with Me!
Sekhmet, Mother of the Gods,
Sekhmet, Mistress of the Crowns,
Sekhmet, which one calls One Perfect,
Sekhmet, Good friend is Your Name!
Ever maintaining me, O You most Powerful!
Sekhmet, larger than Isis,
Sekhmet, larger than Hathor,
Sekhmet, larger than Bast,
Sekhmet, larger than Maat,
Sekhmet, Mystérieux is Your Name!
I am lost in Your Mystery!
Sekhmet, the First between all,
Sekhmet, Lights me beyond the Darkness,
Sekhmet, Sovereign of Your Father,
Sekhmet, Caché is Your Name!
Capture my death!
Ram of Amt, Dame of Manu, Dame Its,
Ram Mtoe-nave, Dame Sky!
You are Ammi-seshet, Destructrice, Protectrice!
You are the Terror In front of Which the Demons Tremble!
You are Desire! You are Life!
That Which Burns Eternally!
Mistress of Enchantements,
Source and Verb of Being able
Prohibited Is Your Name!
I am that whose mouth is sealed!
Do not consume us With Your Fire,
Give us the Light!
O Ram, More powerful than the Gods,
What assembles towards you Our Worship!
All the beings greet You!
O Ram, More powerful than the Gods!
Preserved beyond Death,
This Secret Name,
O You that one names Sekhmet.
With the Throne of Silence, One should not speak about what encircles us!
I lose myself in You!

The Hundred Names Of Sekhmet

Come closer, I may whisper one of my more than 10,000 names to you. Humans only know about 200. But you may know more, - perhaps!
Visit with me, show me your love and sincerity. Tell me of your dreams. I also want to know of your dedication to purifying this Earth and honouring
every spirit. Can you welcome death and know its true intention? Why give life to death? What does rage and anger satisfy?
I say. "Actions are love and love are actions." Reactions are with no thought nor spirit. I do not want to conquer nor rule, for I Am.
I have given you the arts, mathematics, and sciences, to fulfill your needs, to grow and enjoy. Yet you are not satisfied without power.
Why is power better than all of what is natural and in abundance around you and the beautiful gifts that flourish in your garden? It is not fear that
I bring, but a desire to wash your eyes, cleanse your ears and purify your throat. For then, you will see the smile, hear the birds, and speak the truth.
When you understand this, then, there will be no blood shed upon the earth. [Channeled from Sekhmet to Patricia]

Blessed Be Her Many Names

Sekhmet, Great One of Magic
Mother of the Netjeru (Gods)
One Who Was Before The Netjeru Were
Lady Of The Place Of The Beginning of Time
Beloved of Ra, Her Father
Beloved of Bast, Her Sister Flaming One
Sovereign of Ra, Her Father
Protectress Of The Netjeru
Lady of the Scarlet-Colored Garment
Pure One
Destroyer of Rebellions
Eye of Ra
Eye of Heru (Horus)
Pre-Eminent One In The Boat Of Millions Of Years
Roamer of Deserts
Wanderer in the Wastes
Only One
Lady of Enchantments
Opener of Ways
Lady Of Transformations
Lady Of The Many Faces
Enrapturing One
Giver Of Ecstasies
Beloved of Ptah, Her Husband-Brother
At Whose Wish The Arts Were Born
Beautiful Eye Which Giveth Life To The Two Lands
Beautiful Face, Image Most Beloved By Art
Satisfier Of Desires
Inspirer of Men
Victorious One In Battles
Overcomer Of All Enemies
Ruler Of The Desert
Ruler Of Serpents And Of Dragons
Ruler Of Lions
Sublime One
Sparkling One
Great One Of Heka
Lady Of The Magic Lamp
Mother Of The Dead
Lady Of The Bloodbath
Destroyer By Plagues
Great One of Healing
Destroyer By Fire
Lady Of The Waters Of Life
Mistress And Lady Of The Tomb Great One In The Places Of Judgement And Execution
Guide And Protectress From The Perils Of The Underworld
Great One Of The Place Of Appearances In Silence
Lady Of The Way of Five Bodies
Unrivaled And Invincible One
Ruler Of The Chamber Of Flames
The Source
She Whose Opportunity Escapeth Her Not
Winged One
Powerful Of Heart
The Aware
The Gleaming One
Sekhmet, Who Reduceth To Silence
Sekhmet, Who Rouseth The People
Lady Of Jubilation
Adorable One
Shining Of Countenance
Mother Of Images
Incomparable One
Lady Of Intoxications
Mightier Than The Netjeru Most Beautiful
Most Strong
Great One Of Laws
Protectress Of The Divine Order
The One Who Holds Back Darkness
The Beautiful Light Warrior Netjert (Goddess)
Netjert (Goddess) of Love
Great One In Heaven
Great Serpent On The Head Of Her Father
Great One Of The Incense Of The Ennead
Great Lady of The House of Life
Queen Of The Venerable Ones
Lady Of The House Of Books
Devouring One
Sekhmet Of The Knives
Burner Of Evildoers
The One Before Whom Evil Trembles
Terrible One Lady Of All Powers
Eternal As Her Father
Lady Of The Manifold Adornments
Most Beautiful Among The Netjeru
Bountiful One
Sekhmet Who Gives Joys
Unwavering, Loyal One
Beloved Teacher
Beloved Sekhmet

TheGreening of sekhmet

As with the Goddess Isis, Sekhmet seems to have been reinvented in the twentieth century. Although she is still regarded as a powerful force, to be
approached with respect and caution, we can perceive a 'watering down' of her aspects. In Ancient Egypt she was dangerous and ferocious, the
bringer of plagues and retribution, the fire of the sun God's eye. This was no benign figure, who could be adored and worshipped as a gentle mother.

Nowadays, many women view Sekhmet as a source of strength, independence and assertiveness, and commune with her frequency when these
attributes need to be augmented or instilled.

To some people Sekhmet has become the symbol of the modern woman. She is still approached as a healer, bringer of justice and as a guardian
or protector, but the emphasis has shifted. It seems a natural progression that Sekhmet has transformed from what was almost a force of chaos
into an icon of immanent female power. long may she reign so, for one thing is certain she has been very far away from us. 

Sekhmet. On the assumption that the goddess could ward off pestilence as well as bring it, the Egyptians adopted Sakhmet 'lady of life' as a beneficial force in their attempts to counteract illness. her priesthood seems to have had a prophylactic role in medicine.

In Tibet she is known as Senge Dong-ma, lion-headed dakini, "Guardian of the Secret Tantric Teachings". She is called Simhavaktra, in India where she also has a male reflection in the lion-headed incarnation of Vishnu, Narasimha. Pure shakti, she is doubtless a close relative to lion-mounted Durga, "Keeper of the Flame". Indeed, another Egyptian title for Sekhmet is Nesert, the flame. In the ancient Near East she was called Anat, Ashtoreth and Astarte.

A superbly carved limestone fragment from the valley of Sneferu (Dynasty IV) at Dahshur shows the monarch's head closely juxtaposed to the muzzle of a lioness-deity (presumably Sakhmet) as if to symbolise Sneferu breathing in the divine life-force emanating from the goddess's mouth. This would be in line with a statement in the Pyramid Texts to the effect that Sakhmet conceived the king. Certainly, under Sahure of Dynasty V the goddess received a shrine at Abusir.

Sekhmet's black granite statues either show her seated holding the sign of life ('ankh') in her hand or standing with a sceptre in the shape of the papyrus, heraldic plant of north Egypt. Inscriptions on these statues emphasise her warlike aspect, e.g., 'smiter of the Nubians'.


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